Ask An Earth Scientist A list of previously asked Earth Science questions with answers and the opportunity to ask additional questions.
Dynamic Earth learn what causes volcanoes, earthquakes, and mountain formations 
Earth Presents Earth science fundamentals, such as cycles, spheres, and geologic time.
Life Along the Fault Line Seismic Science at the Epicenter
Mineralogy 4 Kids Interactive, information on rocks & minerals

Rocks and Minerals: 4 U Rocks and Minerals: links, information, puzzles
Rocks and Minerals: 42 Explore Rocks and Minerals: links to other sites
Rocks and Minerals: Home Schooling Site Rocks and minerals: informative, games
Rocks and Minerals: Kathi Mitchell Rocks and Minerals: informative, games, lessons, experiments
Rocks for Kids Rocks and Minerals: informative, experiments
Site for Budding Seismologists Geological and Mining, Engineering and Science from Michigan Tech