Kindergarten 1st Grade
2nd Grade
1. Keyboard Alphabet Zoo 1. Dance Mat Typing 1. Typing Club
2. ABC Ya! Cup Stacking 2. Super Hyper Spider Hyper (easy)
2. Brown Bear Learn to Type
3. Keyboard Alphabet Zoo 2 3. Type Rocket Jr. 3. Alpha Munchies (Expert)
  4. Alphabet Rain Game 4. Brown Bear Typing Game
    5. Typing Race
Beginners' Fun:    
ABC Ya! Typing Games Choose a beginners level  
Brown Bear Keyboard Game Beginning typing #2  
Alphabet Rain Game Beginning typing with the alphabet  
Brown Bear Learn to Type Beginning typing #1  
Brown Bear 3D Keyboard Beginning typing #3  
Brown Bear Typing Game Beginning typing #4  
Bubbles Game Beginning typing with the alphabet  
Keyboard Zoo Beginning typing with the alphabet  
Typing Web Start Typing, then get a log in - Practice and games
More Fun:    
ABC Ya! Typing Games Choose a challenging level  
Baracuda Game From Power Typing  
Dance Mat Typing Typing practice from BBC  
Interactive Sites for Teaching MANY typing games  
Keyboard Climber Typing Practice from TVO Kids  
Keyboard Practice Longer practice sections  
Learning Games Variety of typing games  
Nitro Type Race your friends  
Super Hyper Spider Typer Typing practice and game  
Type Rocket 60 Typing practice and game  
Typer Shark Typing practice and game  
Typing Games Free typing tests and shared results
Typing Ninja Keyboard Ninja typing practice
Typing Race Typing practice and game
Typing Speed Test A game to type the paragraph given in the time allowed; it keeps track of your mistakes and your final time.
Typing Test Another game to test your speed
Typing Web Teachers Only: Free typing that tracks progress with log in

Think you know your keyboard?

Typing Sentences - Practice:
(In order of difficulty; 1=Easiest)

Try the Keyboard Puzzle Challenge! 1)  Ducksters
 ABC Ya! Keyboard Challenge 2)  Typing Practice
3)  Learning Games for Kids
4)  Typing Monster
5)  Sunrise Typer