PARCC logo purpleThe PARCC assessment mirrors the new Illinois State Standards in ELA and mathematics. These new standards have technology embedded in them, and the PARCC assessment is driven by technology use. We need to maximize our students' technology skills and use to both meet these standards and prepare for these assessments. 

At the K-2 level, we need to prepare students for the ELA and mathematics portions of the PARCC assessments which begin in 3rd grade. If that preparation does not occur, it will be impossible for 3rd graders to be properly prepared.

The purpose of this web page is to assist educators in meeting these challenges.  

The New Illinois Learning Standards that speak directly to the use of technology (District Curriculum Maps):

Writing Process ILS10 W.K.5, W.K.6
K.W.13 With guidance and support from adults, students will use basic computer skills (e.g., turning on computer, log on, becoming familiar with keyboard and mouse,and opening a digital tool)
K.W.14 With guidance and support from adults, students will use digital tools to produce and publish writing--individually and in collaboration with peers
K.W.15 With guidance and support from adults, students will explore a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing

District 86 ELA Curriculum Map for Kindergarten

Mathematical Practices - Use appropriate tools strategically

District 86 Mathematics Curriculum Map for Kindergarten

Matrix of Foundational, Standards-based and PARCC-necessary Technology Skills  

K-2 Calendar of Weekly Lab Lessons

What educators should know about the PARCC assessment: 
Introduction to PARCC
PARCC, The Assessment Tool

Remember, using the Illinois Learning Standards is the best way to prepare for PARCC! TOP
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