February Highlights \

Feb. 3 - District Spelling Bee
Feb. 4 - BBQ Rib Sandwich for lunch
Feb. 12 - Midterms Go Home
Feb. 13 - School Board Meeting - 7pm
Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day Parties - 10:30-11:30am
Feb. 14 - Early Dismissal - SIP Day - 12:40pm
Feb. 17 - No School - President's Day
Feb. 27 - Talent Show Practice #1

MAP: District Reading and Mathematics Testing

Students at Glendale School will be assessed using the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test for both reading and math within a three week window in the fall, winter, and spring of this school year. Both tests are administered on the computer. Teachers will let you know what days they have scheduled for testing.

It is imperative that students work diligently to do their best. Students should plan to get a good night's sleep and a good breakfast every day – but especially before each day of testing.

These assessments allow teachers to see where the students are starting for the year and to adjust instructional methods accordingly. It is our goal to tailor instruction to the child rather than tailoring the child to the instruction. Students will also be taking these two assessments in December and May of this school year.

Glendale School Rules & Core Values

A set of G.R.E.A.T. values has been created to be fair, positive, and respectful of all who come to Glendale.  Glendale G.R.E.A.T. values apply to all aspects of school.  The following values are expected to be shown by all students and staff at Glendale School:

G - Great Attitude

R - Respect For All

E - Encourage Others

A - Accept Responsibility

T - Try Your Very Best

Glendale is a Safe School Zone!

The District 86 Board of Education recently passed two policies concerning both visitors to school and community relations (policies 8.30 and 8.50). While it is our intent to keep the best possible relationship with our community, one of our main goals at Glendale is to keep the learning environment a safe one. The policies mentioned dictate the procedure for individuals visiting the school.

Visitors are welcome at Glendale provided that their presence will not be disruptive.

All visitors must report immediately to the school's main office to sign in. Visitors cleared by the office will be given a visitor's badge so that any district employee can easily identify the visitor.

Any person wishing to confer with a staff member must make an appointment by telephone or send a note with his/her child to have that staff member make a contact.

Individuals do not have direct access to a classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium, playground, or other school area.

Conferences with teachers are to be prescheduled events, which are held outside school hours or during the teacher's conference /preparation period.

Any staff member may request identification from an unidentified individual. Individuals who choose not to identify themselves, do not have the proper visitor's pass, or refuse to comply with board policy will be removed from the school grounds.

There is no smoking on any school grounds. This includes inside the building, in the parking lot, or on the playground. No person on school property shall consume, posses, or distribute, or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

No one shall posses dangerous devises or weapons on school property.

Individuals will not be allowed to injure, threaten, harass, or intimidate a staff member. This includes the use of foul and inappropriate language.

Complete copies of these policies are posted in the school foyer or can be obtained through the school office.

We thank you for helping make Glendale School a safe school zone!home