Kindergarten - Social Studies: Weather and You




Kindergarten -

Reading for Information:

Online Nonfiction

 1. National Geographic: Young Explorers, Scout  Free; Read to Me
 2. Animal Houses  Click on the book cover, Read to Me
 3. Bugs That We See  Click on the book cover, Read to Me



Kindergarten -

Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:

Work with numbers 11–19 to gain foundations for place value



Science - Engineering Design

(Question, Observe, Gather information, Hypothesize)



Science - Earth and Human Activity

(Plants, Animals, Environment/Habitat, Pollution air/water/land), Survival needs, Ecosystem, Natural Resources, Recycle)

1. Animals and their Babies Learn about animals, name of animal babies, and the names of animal groups
2. PebbleGo  Kid friendly information about many animals
3. San Diego Zoo  Information about animals, habitats, ecosystems and an elephant game
4. Smithsonian Zoo Information on zoo animals with pictures and video clips
5. Switcheroo Zoo Learn about animals and their natural habitats


Science - Energy

(Sunlight, Shade, Effect on earth's surface, Heating, Cooling)




Kindergarten Science - NGSS

1. Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions 
   (Push, Pull, Force, Motion, Speed, Collide/Collisions)

2. Energy 
   (Sunlight, Shade, Effect on earth's surface, Heating, Cooling)

3. Earth and Human Activity 
   (Plants, Animals, Environment/Habitat, Pollution (air, water, land),
   Survival needs, Ecosystem, Natural Resources, Recycle)

4. Earth's Systems 
   (Weather and Climate, Precipitation, Temperature, Forecasting,
   Preparation for severe weather)

5. Engineering Design 
   (Question, Observe, Gather information, Hypothesize)

6. Miscellaneous

District K Science Curriculum Map


Kindergarten - Science - Miscellaneous

1. Kids Dinos
 Dinosaur games and information
 1. California Dairy Council
 Information and games about dairy farming
 2. Kid Zone Farm Unit
 Farm unit for teachers
3. PBS Kids Build an online farm
 4. BBC-Living Things  Information and activities about many living things.
 5Find the Living Things  Click on living things in a picture
6. Kidport Interactive activities: animal homes, pollution, oceans
7. Matter Drag the object into the correct area (solid, liquid, gas)
 8. Mighty Books Interactive read aloud nonfiction books about topics ie. Snow, leaves, wind, etc.
 9. National Geographic Kids Animals, games
 10. PBS Kids Curious George videos for science experiments


Kindergarten - Science - Earth's Systems

(Weather and Climate, Precipitation, Temperature, Forecasting, Preparation for severe weather)

 1. MacMillan Winter  A good overview of seasons
 2. MacMillan: Seasons  Short overview of the seasons
 3. MacMillan: Fall  
Fall overview
 4. MacMillan: Spring  
Spring overview
 5. MacMillan: Summer  
Summer overview
6. Weather WebQuest A webquest on weather


Kindergarten - Science - Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

(Push, Pull, Force, Motion, Speed, Collide/Collisions)