4th Grade -

Social Studies: Famous Americans


Academy of Achievement A very large collection of American achievers, from the past and up to current day, all of which includes information about their backgrounds and how and what they have achieved.
Biographies for Kids A large collection of information on inventors, the presidents, world leaders, and more.  Includes some games to play as well.
ESPN’s Top American Athletes Includes biographies of what ESPN writers consider to be the top 100 American athletes.
Meeting Amazing Americans A Library of Congress site that includes links to Americans famous for a wide variety of things, such as politics, the arts, explorers, presidents, and more!
Musicians from America A list of American musicians from the past and to current day all with links to more in depth information about them.
National Women’s Hall of Fame A showcase of great American women with information and links for each one.
Smithsonian Famous American Stamp Game A matching game of different famous Americans.