4th Grade - Social Studies: States


The 50 States Facts and information about the 50 states and their capitols
The Fifty States Interactive state maps to learn detailed information about each of the 50 states
Fifty States - Interactive Interactive United States History Maps
Great States! Interactive geography site full of online games and activities to help learn the states, locations, capitals, and landscapes of the United States.
Growth of A Nation Explore the animated timeline that traces the growth of the United States
Place the State Interactive game for students to practice placing the states in the correct location

State Facts

Facts about the U.S. states from ABC Teach

Trivia Plaza Interactive site for students to select capitals, cities shapes, or states to practice states and capitals knowledge
U.S States and Capitals Great site with a tutorial to learn the states, and several games levels to practice your skill.
USA Quiz Interactive quiz to locate the 50 states
Where In the USA is Mr. N? Using the clues given, decide where Mr. Nussbaum is in the USA.