4th Grade - Social Studies: Miscellaneous


Ancient Egypt The British Museum: Ancient Egypt
Angel Island Angel Island: Immigration Station
Coast to Coast Interactive site for students to use their geography knowledge to travel coast to coast; For 1 player or 2
Continents and Oceans Interactive site for students to practice identifying and locating the continents and oceans
Democracy Project The Democracy Project: "Be President for a Day", "How does government affect  me?" and "Step inside the Voting Booth"
Egyptians BBC's Mummy Maker Game
Ellis Island Interactive tour of Ellis Island
Grades 3-6 Social Studies Interactives A list of links for social studies interactives from the Utah Education Network. Categories include geography skills, geography games, current events, environment, US history, and US government.
Harcourt Horizons Harcourt textbook web site
Inside the Voting Booth Understand the importance of voting with this interactive from PBS Kids
KidsGeo.com Great site with lots of different games to practice and review geography skills like locating states, naming capitals, etc.

Landforms: Face of the Earth

Interactive site that helps students understand and recognize the different landforms

Latitude and Longitude Use your latitude and longitude skills to locate Hannah as she hides around the world.
Regions Game A game that quizzes students over the different regions in the US.
The Underground Railroad National Geographic's Underground Railroad
The White House Facts and information about the White House
World Geography Interactive site to test your skills over the continents and oceans