4th Grade - Language: Conventions, Spelling


BBC Spelling and Grammar Great site with many different games covering parts of speech, sentences, punctuation, spelling, and paragraph writing.
Coconut Vowels Provides practice in spelling different words with given vowels.
Fish ‘Em Up Use the fishing rods to “catch” the correct spelling of words when adding suffixes.
Short Circuit Students match prefixes and suffixes with their meanings to fix a short circuit
Spell Check Find misspelled words and write them correctly
Spelling City Practice your spelling list playing online games.  Students can type in the words to play interactive online games with their spelling words or teachers can register to create and save lists for students to use.  It's free for teachers!
Spelling Interactives A list of links for Language Arts, including links to spelling interactives, from the Utah Education Network
Spelling Practice Interactive site to practice spelling at different levels
Turtle Dash Fill in the missing letters for the word provided to move the turtle(s)and win the race. (Up to 4 players can play at once.)
Word Strips A great game where students move lettered tiles to make new words before time runs out.