4th Grade - Operations & Algebraic Thinking:

Four Operations with Whole Numbers -



Batter's Up Baseball Interactive site to practice addition or multiplication facts whole playing baseball; three skill levels to choose from
Fact Dash Great practice in all 4 operations from MHSchool (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill)
Fact Navigator Great site to learn/practice facts.  Click on the LEARN tab and there are lessons/games/quizzes for each fact
Fruit Shoot Interactive site to practice multiplication facts to 13
Grand Prix Multiplication Grand Prix racing game to practice basic multiplication skills
Learning Multiplication and Division Great help for showing how multiplication and division really works; great lesson on fact families
Meteor Multiplication Use your skills to solve the problem and protect your station from the meteors
Multiplication Games Several different multiplication practice games
Multiplication Matho Interactive game to practice multiplication facts
Multiplication Timed Test The multiplication timed test is designed to provide students quick, repetitive practice with basic multiplication facts
Solve It! Different Math videos that contain five multi-step word problems to solve, with step-by-step solutions
Space Racer X Interactive site where students navigate through space by solving multiplication problems
Splash Math: Multiplication Variety of activities for multiplication practice
Word Problems DataBase Hundreds of self-checking math word problems