4th Grade- Science - Energy

(Speed, energy, sound, light, heat, electric currents)

PS3-1 - Relate the speed of an object to its energy
Balloon Rocket Launch Better Lesson to explore energy and speed
Gizmo: Sled Wars Test the variables of a moving sled
Project TRIG Change the angle and velocity of a rocket launch
Rubber Bands for Energy Explore the energy of rubber bands
PS3-2 Energy can be transferred by sound, light, heat, and electric currents
Electric Circuits Games about home electricity use, electrical diagrams and circuits
Interactive Electricity - Weebly Interactive electricity games and activities
Electro Bot Game to practice your electricity skills by repairing his spaceship
Energizer Electricity Projects A collection of battery powered projects with lessons
Gizmo: Energy Conversions Trace the path of energy between a variety of sources
Learning Circuits Great interactive site to learn about electricity and circuits
Phenomena: Statue of Lightning Image of electric energy being transferred by light, heat and sound.
Using Electricity Interactive site to practice what you know about electricity
PS3-3 - The changes in energy when objects collide
Colliding Marbles Better Lesson to explore the variables of a collision
Phenomena: Changing Forces Video clip to begin discussion about the energy of collisions
PS3-4 - Design a device that converts energy from one form to another
Better Lesson Ideas for projects that transfer energy
Science Bob: Electromagnet Build an electromagnet