4th Grade- Science - Earth's Systems

(Weathering, erosion, topographic map, mountain ranges, ocean trenches, earthquakes, volcanoes)

ESS2-1 - The effects of weathering or erosion by water, ice, wind, or vegetation
Rock Around the Park A great site to see and understand the effects of erosion on our land
Shoreline Science: Waves Experiment to explore the erosive effects of waves
Weather and Erosion Video explaining erosion and weathering
ESS2-2 - Data from maps to describe patterns of Earth's features
Building Topographic Maps Create a topographic map with water features
Landforms Slide show of various landforms
Landforms II Links to a variety of landforms
Phenomena: Changing Rivers Observe the changing path of a river over time
NatGeo:  Oceans Information on oceans from National Geographic
Zoom Ocean Enchanted Learning: Zoom Ocean
Zoom Sharks Enchanted Learning: Zoom Sharks
Zoom Watery World Enchanted Learning: Zoom Watery World
Zoom Whales Enchanted Learning: Zoom Whales
Clouds 10 basic types of clouds
Extreme Weather Lightning and Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Oh, my!
Hurricanes Enchanted Learning: Hurricanes
Layers of Atmosphere Enchanted Learning: The Earth's Atmosphere
Tree House Weather Learn about weather, climate, air pressure and all things related to those topics
Types of Fronts Fronts:  the boundaries between air masses
The Water Cycle Various games and activities about the water cycle
Water Cycle: Kid Zone Kid Zone's water cycle page
Weather map Interactive weather map
Weather Wiz Kids Great site to learn about weather and play games to review lessons
Weather: World Climate Search for a city or town's weather information
Web Weather for Kids Learn what makes weather, do cool activities, and try your hand at forecasting the weather