3-5 Science - Engineering Design

 Engineering Adventures  Boston Museum Activities
 RubeGoldberg  Official Rube Goldberg Site, Iformation, Ideas and Game
 Trap-O-Matic  Game, build a machine with a mousetrap to catch a mouse
 Goldburger To Go  Rube Goldberg type game from PBS
 Engineering for Kids  Several different games related to engineering topics
 Exploratorium  Lots of Info, activities, and games
Ask Dr. Universe  Answers to lots of engineering questions
How Stuff Works  Lots of Info, Activities, great pictures, and more
Simple Machines - Label game  Label the parts of a Rube Goldberg-like machine.
Junk Box Wars  Project worksheets, checklists, rubric, and more to help you coordinate a Junk Box War; includes a library of goals