6th Grade -

Social Studies:

Miscellaneous, Informational

America's Story This interactive Library of Congress website allows you to discover the back stories that make history so fascinating.
Any day in History A great way to incorporate history in your classroom.  Check out birthdays, death dates, and special events that happened any day of the year.

Civic Lessons

Easy way to learn about American history, geography, and culture through the use of lessons, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, and videos.
Early America Archives A unique array of primary source materials from 18th Century America
Fun Facts Random statistics and fun facts on a variety of social studies topics.

History Place This site provides articles, timelines, and photos on a range of U.S. and World History topics.
Library of Congress The world’s largest library in digital form.
National Archives This database contains well organized records on people, places, and events throughout history.
National Geographic History Explore high interest historical stories from around the world with this student site created by National Geographic.
Newspapers 50 newspapers for the US and the World
PBS-History Interesting videos and articles on local, national, and world history topics.

Sqool Tube Videos Check out this site that features many videos to use with lessons of your curriculum
EBSCO Powered by EBSCO, this database is a comprehensive resource that will produce results for nearly any topic searched.
World Book Online This digital encyclopedia is student friendly and easy to navigate.
World Meter Fascinating statistics updated while you watch!