6th Grade - Language: Vocabulary


"Awesome Analogies" game A game for 1 or two players that challenges students to complete the analogy with the correct word
Dictionary.com Need a definition?  Use this easy-to-use site to type in a word and get a quick list of definitions.
Greek and Latin Root Review Quiz yourself by guessing the answer within the black shaded box.
Greek Influences Become an Olympian and win the gold by learning about Greek influences on the English language.
Merriam-Webster's Word Central Play four challenging games that test your knowledge of words!
Prefix Millionaire How would you like to win one million dollars?  Test your knowledge of prefixes and win money in this rag to riches game.
Quia- Homonyms Did you place you homework there, their, or they’re?  Can I brush my hair or hare?  Homonyms can be confusing.  Test your knowledge and become an expert.
Root Word Meaning Match Match each root word to its correct meaning
Rooting Out Words An interactive game where students discover the meanings of different prefixes, suffixes, and word roots.  A great site for learning new vocabulary!
Synonym Toast Can you identify synonyms?  Can you do it without burning the toast?  Test your knowledge and your cooking ability with Synonym Toast.
Word Confusion Practice how well you know your homophones.