6th Grade -

Ratios & Proportional Relationships:

Ratio Concepts and Reasoning -

Equivalent Ratios and Percents


Fraction-Percent Scale Use this manipulative to compare fractions and percents of find equivalent fractions and percents.
Math.com Tutorial on ratios and proportions that includes interactive practice problems at the end
Math Goodies Percents Informative tutorial site with lots of examples on percents – also includes interactive practice and links to more lessons
Proportions and Scale Practice Try these interactive questions about scale
Rates and Ratios Video lessons covering the relationship between ratios and rates using Khan Academy
Ratios and Proportions Informative site with examples of solving proportions using cross multiplication
Scale Factor Explore the relationship between two shapes as the scale factor is changed
Thinking Blocks - Ratios Model and solve word problems with the Thinking Blocks strategy
Unit Converters Tables to help you convert units and links to online unit converters
Visualize Percents Use this site to visualize what a particular percentage looks like
Worldometer Check out these real time world statistics