8th Grade - Mathematics:

Miscellaneous, Number Sense


BBC Skillswise Overview of Ratios and proportions – includes fact sheets, games, activities, printable worksheets, and quizzes
Factor Tree Game Practice finding the prime factorization of a number with this game
Factorize Find the factors of a number using this visual model through Khan Academy
Finding Factors Organize the factors of two numbers on a diagram.
Finding Multiples Organize the multiples of one or two numbers on a diagram.
Linking Multiplication and Division Create four number sentences for each set of numbers that show the relationship between multiplication and division.
Matching Pairs Use this memory style game to practice your basic facts.
Math Manipulatives List of available online math manipulatives
Math Playground Videos Short videos that explain the procedures for solving all sorts of math problems
Math Trainer Train your mathematical weaknesses with this game – choose your operation, your session length, and begin!
Multiplication Game Use your multiplication facts to get 4 in a row.
Primary Krypto Try to reach the target number using the five given number and the basic operations
Product Game Challenge a friend while working on your factor and multiplication skills
Rapid Recall Drag the correct number to complete the multiplication sentence. See if you can beat your best time!
Timed Flash Cards Need to brush up on your basic facts?  Check out these timed flash cards for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing