8th Grade - Mathematics:

Miscellaneous, Games


Hooda Math Lots of math games to play here
Integer Operations Game Practice integer operations with this game – play against the computer or a friend
KidsNumbers Tons of free math games for kids
Logic Puzzles This link will take you to a variety of logic games and puzzles to exercise your brain!
Make 24 Practice order of operations by making 24 with the given cards. This is a great site to help you prepare for the 24 tournament!
Math Mahjong Practice your math skills by matching the tiles
Math Man Just like Pac Man, but with math!
MathPlay Tons of middle school math games to play here!
Math Playground Games This site has information on various math topics, games to play, videos to watch, and puzzles to solve
Only Math Games Interactive games to reinforce basic math skills
Place Value Pirates Interactive game that helps you practice place value
Problem Site This interactive site includes a variety of math games and puzzles
Prongo More math games
Puzzle Corner Over 100 math related puzzles to solve
Reversi This logic game is also known by the name Othello. It’s addicting!
Sheppherd Software-Fun kids Play fun math games reviewing your math skills: basic operations, place value, decimals, fractions, estimation, algebra, geometry, measuring, money, and integers
Tic Tac Toe Squares Practice various math skills against the computer in the form of a tic- tac-toe game!
Tower of Hanoi Test your skills on this puzzle, invented back in 1883
VK Math Invaders Practice various basic math problems with this game