8th Grade -

Speaking & Listening,

Digital Presentation Tools


Classroom Debate Topics The new Common Core Standards require students to debate collaboratively with classmates.  This is a list of possible topics.
Common Core in Action A great site with many resources for students and teachers to use as practice for speaking and listening collaboratively. Note: Some documents won't open without a subscription.
Debate Games & Activities Guide Lots of ideas for different styles of classroom debates.
Debate Organizer Use this graphic organizer to organize arguments presented during a classroom debate.
Digital Presentation Tools Tired of speaking to your class using PowerPoint?  Here are some other alternatives you might try.  You may need to create a username and password for some sites, but they are FREE!
Prezi Use this to create presentations in which you can "zoom in" and "zoom out" using many types of graphics.
Glogster Create vivid, colorful digital posters!