Science - Chemical Processes

(Synthetic materials, changes to materials when thermal energy is applied, chemical reactions, exothermic and endothermic reactions)

American Elements Interactive periodic table created by the world's manufacturer of engineered & advanced materiaqls
Build Atoms 
Construct Bohr models of various atoms
Chem4Kids Read world examples of chemicals and compounds
Chemical Elements Interactive periodic table
Chemicals Around Your House Learn about chemicals found in products found around your home.
Chemicool Interactive periodic table
Chemistry for Life Interactive periodic table
Chemistry Games 8 online games to teach the periodic table, elements, & more
Chemistry Games Atoms, elements, & chemical bond games
Creative Chemistry Fun chemistry puzzles, interactive revision quizzes and molecular models
Element Handbook Interactive periodic table

Fun Brain Periodic Table

Fun game to help you memorize the element symbols.

FunBased Learning:  Chemistry

Games that teach you facts about elements and how to balance equations.

Hazards:  Material Safety Data Sheets

 Material safety data sheets index

Interactives- The Periodic Table

Tutorial on the periodic table

It's Elemental

 Interactive periodic table by Jefferson Lab
Jefferson Lab:  Balancing Act A game to practice balancing equations
Periodic Table Interactive periodic table
The Periodic Table by Chemical & Engineering News  Chemical & Engineering News' Interactive perioidic table
Periodic Table of Elements by Los Alamos Laboratory  Interacitve perioidc table by Los Alamos National Laboratory
Periodic Table of Videos  Periodic table with short videos of each element
Periodic Table on Show  Art work depicting aspects of all elements on the periodic table
Pod's Mission Interactive site on solids & liquids
Quiz Hub Interactive quiz to help you review elements with tricky symbols
Reversible & Irreversible Changes
Interactive site all about chemical & physical changes
Science Education Tutorials Interactive tutorial on balancing equations
That Quiz- Periodic Table Interactive review of elements, atomic #, and the arrangement of the periodic table.
Tom Lehr's Element Song

Song & animation consisting of all elements on the periodic table.

Visual Elements Interactive periodic table featuring history, alchemy, podcasts, videos, and data trends across the periodic table
WebElements Interactive periodic table
What's That Stuff Collection of articles looking at the chemistry behind a wide variety of everyday products.
The Wooden Periodic Table  Largest, most complete library stock of photographs of the elements and their applications