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Mr. Dustin Schrank
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Assistant Principal,
Mr. Mike Wallace

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Mike Wallace


Central Junior High has a tradition for excellence in both academics and extracurricular activities. Our technology lab is one of the finest in the state, giving students hands-on training in a variety of vocational modules. Our teachers have been presenters at the State Board of Education and Middle School convention, featuring our literacy.

Central Jr. High is a middle school which provides an educational response to the needs of students during a time of both rapid growth and maturation. There is no age level as important and difficult as that of a middle school student. One's self-esteem, interests, skills and values are largely formed in this three-year period. The teachers, social workers, counselor, school nurse, support staff, special education coordinator, and administration are anxious and well prepared to meet these physical, social, and emotional needs.

Central Jr. High has been a pioneer in the teaming approach, one which has been primarily used since the early 1970's. This teaming approach fosters cooperative learning, hands-on learning, and implementation of interdisciplinary units in an effort to stimulate interest and make the academics relate to everyday life. It is our hope that interdisciplinary units will show the students how the various core subjects correlate with one another. The data collected in this web site will assist you in understanding our exciting programs. Thanks for taking the time to read about Central Junior High. If you have any questions, please call at 427-5200. Together all problems can be solved with positive results.home