Vision Statement
The school library media program is a vital element of the total education program of District 86. The program provides instructional activities, resources, facilities, and technologies to enable students and staff to become effective and efficient users of information. The students' learning opportunities are enhanced with the use of the technology available in the library media centers. Reading literacy is a central theme of the program. Resources are provided to stimulate interest in reading and viewing and using information and ideas. The program provides intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats for the students and staff. The facilities of the program are inviting, accessible, stimulating, and staffed for individual and group use.

Scheduling of Classes
At the K-5 level, every class is scheduled once a week for one hour of library/computer lab time. Part of that time is spent checking out library books and the rest is utilized for library lessons and technology instruction. During times the library and lab are not scheduled for these classes, teachers may sign up to use the library and/or lab in additional ways that support student learning and the classroom curriculum.  For more information about our lab curriculum, visit our Tech Specialist's Site.

Library Curriculum
The goal of the library program is to increase competence and interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas. During their time in the library, the students learn the importance of proper book care and how to use the library, including the online card catalog. The students also learn about the different types of books (fiction and non-fiction) and where they are located. Time is spent discussing the parts of books and the classification system used to organize them on the shelves. Students also learn information literacy skills including the use of reference materials and online databases. At the younger grades, the students have many different stories read aloud to them to help in the development of lifelong readers.