In an effort to provide a high quality education for our students, District #86 has elected to begin an SEL program. The focus is to help students identify and process their emotions in productive ways, form healthy relationships, and make wise choices.

Students will learn 5 core SEL skills:
- Self Awareness
- Social Awareness
- Self-Management
- Relationship skills
- Responsible decision-making

Research shows that mastery of these skills improves student's readiness to learn, classroom behavior, academic performance, and social development. The evidence for this is so compelling that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has developed social and emotional learning standards, which mandates that all public school districts teach these skills. The following is a list of the skills that are emphasized at each grade level along with specific activities that parents and teachers can do to address them:

- Kindergarten SEL Standards
- First Grade SEL Standards
- Second Grade SEL Standards
- Third Grade SEL Standards
- Fourth Grade SEL Standards
- Fifth Grade SEL Standards
- Sixth Grade SEL Standards
- Seventh Grade SEL Standards
- Eighth Grade SEL Standards

It is our goal that our students will become flexible, creative, and cooperative learners who will later be better prepared for college, successfully enter the workforce, and be productive members of society.