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CC Mixter Creative Commons licensed copyright free music
Partners in Rhyme Lots of sound effects and midi  clips free to use



Clipart: Discovery Education

Discovery Education clipart by categories
Cyber-Sleuth Clipart Cyber-Sleuth Kids Clipart
Pics 4 Learning  ABC Ya! Internet Safety


Create Online 

Animoto Create a 30 second video for free
Blabberize Record your voice and make a picture talk
Comic Creator

Make Beliefs Comix
Create and print your own comic strip
Glogster  Create an interactive poster
Poetry Instant poetry with forms to guide
KerPoof!  Draw, write and more
Prezi  For those of you tired of PowerPoint
Story Bird Create and share visual stories
Story Jumper Create a book
Story Maker Choose characters and objects then edit your story
Tagxedo Create a word cloud in a shape
Timelines Create timelines with older students
Voki Create your own avatar
Word It Out Create a word cloud collage
Wordle  Create a word collage graphic
ZooBurst Create a 3D pop-up book


Computer Lab Projects 

ABC Ya! K MAP Prep
ABC Ya! Letter Match
ABC Ya! Paint

Click & Drag - Upper & lower case letter matching
Stamps - Cick & stick to mouse/stamper, then click & drop or stamp
Comics Creators
Comic Creator
Make Beliefs Comix
Create and print your own comic strip
Create A Graph From Kids Zone
East Peoria Project Fifth grade Photo Story 3 project
Examining Electronic Resources Fifth grade research skills lesson: Evaluating a Website
Fact Fragment Frenzy Finding facts in what you read: A demo and interactive activities
Is there life on other planets? Information on Philip Plait, ebook author
KerPoof!   Create a  picture, story, movie, card and more
Oceans Oceans Wiki & PowerPoint unit for 4th grade
Rainforest Animals
Third grade rainforest animals project
Rock Cycle Fourth grade Excel project
Scratch Scratch Programming 101
Shel Silverstein Poetry Fluency Project
Student Survey For PARCC skills
Wonder Blogs Fifth Grade Wonder Unit
Wordle Create a word collage graphic


Internet Safety 

Net Smartz  Choose Teens, Tweens or Kids for activities
Net Smartz
K-2 Recommended Games
Clicky's Quest
Color And Create
The Internet Safety Game
Webville Roundup
Safety Land  Game by AT&T for playing as a whole group - reinforces Net Smartz K-2 videos
Cyber Five  5! ABC Ya! Internet Safety



Kindergarten  1st Grade
 2nd Grade
1. Keyboard Alphabet Zoo 1. Brown Bear Learn to Type
1. Brown Bear Learn to Type
2.  Super Hyper Spider Typer; Level: Easy 2.  Super Hyper Spider Typer; Level: Easy  2. Alphabet Rain Game; Level 1 
3. ABC Ya! Cup Stacking 3. Type Rocket Jr. 3.  Type Rocket 60 
    4. Alpha Munchies
 Offline 5. Super Hyper Spider Typer; Level: Medium
Type to Learn Jr. Type to Learn Jr. 6. Typing Race
New Keys for Kids: Food World New Keys for Kids: Tiny's Multiplex  
    Tux Typing
    New Keys for Kids: Cyber Cafe
Beginners' Fun:    
ABC Ya! Typing Games Choose a beginners level  
Brown Bear Keyboard Game Beginning typing #2  
Alphabet Rain Game Beginning typing with the alphabet  
Brown Bear Learn to Type Beginning typing #1  
Brown Bear 3D Keyboard Beginning typing #3  
Brown Bear Typing Game Beginning typing #4  
Bubbles Game Beginning typing with the alphabet  
Keyboard Zoo Beginning typing with the alphabet  
Typing Web Start Typing, then get a log in - Practice and games 
Popcorn Typer Use the right keys and pop the falling popcorn
More Fun:    
ABC Ya! Typing Games Choose a challenging level  
Baracuda Game From Power Typing  
Dance Mat Typing Typing practice from BBC  
Keyboard Practice Longer practice sections  
Nitro Type Race your friends  
Super Hyper Spider Typer Typing practice and game  
Type Me Typing from Kaboose  
Typer Shark Typing practice and game  
Typing Games Free typing tests and shared results 
Typing Speed Test A game to type the paragraph given in the time allowed; it keeps track of your mistakes and your final time. 
Typing Test Another game to test your speed 
Typing Web Teachers Only: Free typing that tracks progress with log in 
Think you know your keyboard?
Try the Keyboard Puzzle Challenge!