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Asperger's Syndrome Mental Illness
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Epilepsy Vision


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NIMH about ADHD National Institute of Mental Health on ADHD
What is ADHD? Information on ADHD and how it is diagnosed
Asperger's Syndrome
Asperger’s Syndrome

Overview, symptoms, tests and treatment

The National Autistic Society What is Asperger’s syndrome?
Asperger’s Checklist Useful tool in helping recognize the traits of Asperger’s Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders
AMC Theatres: Sensory Friendly Films Listing of sensory friendly films shown at AMC Theatres, including AMC Pekin 14
Autism/PDD Information on diagnosing Autism and PDD
Autism Society Information and resources for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Speaks Information and resources about Autism
M-CHAT Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers; answer questions to assess your child’s possible risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders


Down Syndrome
Autism and Down Syndrome Information about dual diagnosis, Down Syndrome and Autism
Down Syndrome – Autism Connection Information and resources for Down Syndrome/Autism dual diagnosis
downsyndrome.com Information about Down Syndrome and networking opportunities for parents
Heart of Illinois Down Syndrome Association Information and local resources related to Down Syndrome


Epilepsy Foundation: For Parents Information for parents about epilepsy
Epilepsy.com: Kids Simple information for kids about epilepsy
Epilepsy.com: Teens Basic information for teens about epilepsy
Seizure Instruction Sheet Printable page for dealing with seizures
Seizures Site for parents explaining seizure disorder
Learning Disabilities
LD Online Informational resource for parents and students
National Center for Learning Disabilities Informational resource for parents, students, and professionals
The Warning Signs of Learning Disabilities Information and warning signs of learning disabilities, listed by age group


Mental Illness
Bipolar Disorder & NAMI Basic information about Bipolar Disorder in children and adolescents
Childhood Mental Disorders and Illnesses Information on various mental disorders in children


AMC Theatres: Sensory Friendly Films  Listing of sensory friendly films shown at AMC Theatres, including AMC Pekin 14
Family Matters Illinois-based training and information center for parents of children with special needs
FDA Food and Drug Administration recall, market withdrawal, and safety alert information
Illinois Assistive Technology Program: Device Loan Apply for loan of a variety of assistive technology devices
Kid’s Health:  Medical Problems

Extensive information on various childhood diseases and disabilities

My Child Without Limits Information and resources related to children with disabilities
National Fragile X Foundation Information and resources related to Fragile X Syndrome
NORD National Organization for Rare Disorders – basic information on various rare disorders
Selective Mutism Information and resources about Selective Mutism
Special Olympics: Illinois Information about Special Olympics in Illinois
Technology for People with Intellectual Disabilities General information and list of resources related to technology use by people with disabilities
United Cerebral Palsy: One-Stop Resource Guide Links provide information about Cerebral Palsy and related issues.
Speech and Language
American Sign Language Video and written explanation for 1 word signs
ASL Pro Video dictionary of American Sign Language; also includes videos of religious signs, conversational phrases, and ASL for babies

Baby Sign Language

Information and resources related to baby sign language; includes videos and descriptions of signs, as well as printable posters and flashcards
Delayed Speech or Language Development Site for parents explaining typical language development, warning signs, causes, and role of speech pathologists
Speech-Language Therapy Site for parents explaining specific speech/language disorders, and ideas for remediation
Children’s Eye Health Information Information about vision-related conditions that can affect children
Children’s Vision Information Network Information about children’s vision
Children’s Vision: What Parents Need to Know Information about vision needs of children
Perkins Scout Information clearinghouse on blindness and visual impairment