Apptegy Alerts

East Peoria District 86 uses a program called Apptegy in order to send alerts to parents and families. Contact information is updated nightly from Skyward. When calls or texts are sent out, they will be delivered to the primary phone for the family, as well as the cell phone (if entered) for each parent/guardian. Emails will be sent to the email address listed for both parents/guardians.

Messages may be sent using the following methods:

  • Phone Call (Parents/guardians of students in the district)

  • Email (Parents/guardians of students in the district)

  • SMS Text (Parents/guardians of students in the district)

  • App Push Notifications (Families/community members can download our app for Android or iPhone)

Not all alerts will involve ALL of those components; it is determined by the person sending the alert.

For information on keeping your contact info up to date, a guide is posted here.

Do Not Contact list

If you wish to no longer receive automated alerts by one of the avenues mentioned, please fill out the following form. Your submission will be reviewed and added to our do not contact list in the next few business days.

If your phone/email has been removed but you would like to receive messages again, please contact the district office at 309-427-5100.

Do Not Contact List